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Obtaining funding for small businesses might be easier than you think. With so many options available, chances are you’ll find exactly the type of funding you need. We’ve compiled a list of the 12 best options to help you narrow down your choices. Having an option of selecting from many funding programs means that you will have a greater chance of securing funding, even if traditional banks have turned you down due to your credit. Our lenders routinely say yes, when your bank says no! Review below our many different types of funding programs available for you.

401K Plan Financing

Invest your 401K Plan into a company. This amazing opportunity is through the federal government’s ERISA Act and offers low interest rates, no penalties or taxes, and no credit checks. As long as you have $25,000 in your 401K or IRA, you can qualify.

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Accounts Receivable Financing

This is an excellent program for business owners looking to accelerate cash flow and obtaining needed capital to meet operational overhead by financing their open invoices. You can receive 90% of what your customers owe you within just 24 hours.

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Business Lines of Credit

An ideal program for businesses in need of open-ended access to credit for ongoing needs such as seasonal working capital or inventory management. A business line of credit of up to $300,000 with no interest until you draw funds.

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Business Revenue Financing

A very popular program in which a lender provides funding to a business and the funding is repaid with a small portion of ongoing revenue. You can receive up to $1 million within a few days, poor credit is okay, and no collateral.

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Commercial Real Estate Financing

Get the commercial real estate loan your business needs to purchase land or a new or existing commercial property. Your business can obtain up to $100 million in funding with attractive 5 to 30 year fixed and amortization terms.

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Equipment Financing

Very commonly used by many companies to help improve cash flow and also improve working capital. It typically involves a lender providing financing that is secured by a piece of equipment. Funding up to $1 million, rates as low as 8% and Section 179-friendly!

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Franchise Financing

Owning a McDonalds, Burger King, Dunkin Donughts, and many other amazing franchises has many benefits. A franchise provides excellent brand recognition that many startups don’t have and comprehensive training programs. Funding up to $3 million within 10 days.

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Hard Money Loans for Commercial Properties

Commercial hard money loans are often short term and therefore interchangeably referred to as bridge loans or bridge financing. When banks turn you away, our hard money lenders may still be willing to offer you up to $30 million.

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Inventory Financing

Exceptionally useful funding to a business that must pay their suppliers before they are able to sell their inventory. This inventory serves as collateral for the loan and there is no red tape associated with a typical bank loan. Funding up to $6 million.

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Merchant Cash Advances

A very popular advance providing a lump-sum payment to a business in exchange for a small percentage of future credit card sales. Lenders typically fund up to triple the amount of your monthly sales.

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Purchase Order Financing

Businesses that need cash to fill single or multiple customer orders now have the option to get the money before even creating an invoice. As long as you have a qualified Purchase Order, we can finance 100% of your purchase order up to $30 million.

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Small Business Administration “SBA” Loans

To promote the development of businesses, the SBA offers different loan programs geared to specific capital needs of businesses. While the SBA does not make direct loans, it guarantees that these loans will be repaid up to $5 million.

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